Childe - Snare Bio - Acetate Gloss Tort - Amber Gradient Lens

Childe - Snare Bio - Acetate Gloss Tort - Amber Gradient Lens

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Product Description

The Snare is a unique octagonal sunglass styled with our signature bevelled frame edging and contoured temples for a beautiful fit and original style.

Sophisticated eyewear styling hand made in Italy from premium Mazzucchelli M49 Bio-Acetate.

Childe Hand Made Bio Acetate Eyewear is hand crafted in Italy from premium cellulose Mazzuchelli M49 bio-acetate which is free from plasticisers and chemicals to be biodegradable and recyclable allowing our frames to breakdown in harmony with the planet.

Childe have now introduced a plant based bio lens to compliment our eco conscious frames The plant based lenses are made from a castor oil base nylon which is made from 39% renewable resources.

Plant based lenses are light, scratch resistant and provide premium optical clarity.


  1. Unique Octagonal style | Base 4 Lens Curve
  2. Lens category 3 | High UV Protection
  3. Amber colour nylon lens – anti scratch, lightweight, superior viewing
  4. Optical lenses can be fitted


  1. Italian Mazzucchelli M49 Bio-Acetate frames manufactured from organic compounds of wood & cotton pulp fibres.
  2. Five barrel stainless steel hinges | strong non corrosive
  3. Fold Away Hard Case Inclusive


  1. Lens width – 51mm
  2. Distance btw lenses - 18mm
  3. Temple length - 145mm